Raised by Red Coach 

Red Coach Inn

In the late 1960’s and 70’s, amongst the Welcome Inn, Badts’ Pharmacy, and Zick’s Market and Grocery, a cozy bar and restaurant sat street-side on Saint Joseph Ave. in Stevensville. Owned by Jim Simmons, along with Bill and Betty Bancroft, Red Coach Inn was a hot spot hangout for the community.

Over the years, Red Coach Inn and its staff became a home and family to many.

The Shop that Inspired

 Dales Donuts: In the 1970s, a similar togetherness was established at the local donut shop. Started by Dale and Betty Jewell, Dale’s Donuts quickly became and remained a community favorite for many years.

 Inspirited by the friendliness of Red Coach and Dale’s and years of Lakeshore Lancer Athletics, the name “Red Coach” was chosen as it honored the places, the people, and the moments that have influenced Stevensville most.


To Every Coach of Every Color

Red Coach Donuts:

 Red Coach Donuts isn’t just another pastry shop, it’s a home built on small-town tradition—an opportunity to honor those that have coached and continue to coach in the community. So get a donut, grab a seat, and start a conversation!

At Red Coach, we would like to say “Thank you” to those who have inspired us throughout our school years and after.

 "The biographies of great are sprinkled with accounts of how some teacher or coach looked closely enough to see a spark no one else saw and for periods believed in their ability to perfect that gift when no else did."